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Esther Ofarim in London Esther Ofarim - New CD Esther Ofarim - in Geneva - The Radio-Genève Recordings - CD of 2012 Esther Ofarim - I'll see you in my dreams live 2009




- tickets again available for Wedel and Hasselburg

June 14th, 19:00h: radio show about Esther in Radio700
live stream here!


June 12th, 19:00h radio show about Esther of Freies Radio Kassel (repeating on June 13th 11:00h)
listen here:

Hommage - Freies Radio Kassel

Happy Chanukkah / Chanukkah Sameach! / !חֲנוּכָּה שַׂמֵחַ
(listen to Esther's Chanukka song "Hanerot She'Bachalon" of 1961)


Esther Ofarim - 1982
Esther Ofarim, 1982

!! Due to Corona the
concert in Holon has been officially cancelled !!

R.I.P. Scott Walker


Esther Ofarim

Esther Ofarim - click! Esther Ofarim 1968 - click! Esther in Israel Show 1972 - click! Esther Ofarim - German magazine "Sie und er",  August 14, 1969
Esther Ofarim - click! Esther Ofarim Esther Ofarim in London 1969