August 2 + 3, 2011 
concert in Tel Aviv
Meeting of Noa and Esther Ofarim

Esther & Noa
Esther & Noa, foto taken from facebook

Noa (Achinoam Nini) performed live in concert on August 2 and 3, 2011 in the Mann Auditorium, Tel Aviv.
Special guest was Esther Ofarim!

concert has been transmitted live on
Reshet Gimmel on August, 2nd at 21:00 Israel time.

Songs, which Esther sang:
Shir hanoded
Hayu Leilot
Hinach Yafa (together with Noa)
Ma omrot eynaich (with Noa)

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Some nights: the performance of Noa and Esther Ofarim
Noa and Esther Ofarim last appeared together in front but love and support, and proved that even without flirting with the audience are able to excite
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"Location, Song", hosted by Noa Esther Ofarim, Mann Auditorium, Tel - Aviv
Nose! Hallelujah! That feeling her out of the show exciting Noa, artistic best ambassador that we have world wide hosting Esther Ofarim, a musical icon in itself.

Spared no Vadrnim. Noa
Spared no Vadrnim. Noa pcs Czech

On the stage elegantly settled Performing Arts Center Haifa Symphony Orchestra conducted by Ilan shows. Theatrical stage without pretensions, without leakage cheesy impressive and clean, with all the visual game against the lighting system, 
'that is not stolen the voice miracle happened on the stage and thrilled thousands of spectators.

Gil Dor, a partner in the past 21 years of Noa, sat in his usual way when a guitar in his 
hands and was an integral part of the magic show that many of his poems is processed.

The show was marked entering the beginning of President Shimon Peres. The audience was asked to stand and the President took the stage and the rest of his speech he said: "When we talk we fight, but when we sing we are one people, one family." Indeed, it was the feeling.

The first part of the show appeared Noa three songs, the first was "Girl with Braids" that swept the loud applause from the audience was mostly older, love and support. Then immediately invited to the stage Esther Ofarim, who wanted to happen at the beginning of the show and not the end, as expected in such dignity.

Ofarim, a small, very elegant, took the stage in a black suit, her hair dyed bright red, and opened with the song "Ve'ulai" accompanied by guitar Gil Dor. This song is one of the assets of the iron sheep of society and indeed, here the ice was broken between this wonderful singer that so little appears and the impending full hall. Ofarim continued with "Shir hanoded" "hitragut" and of course "hayu leilot".

There is no doubt that Esther Ofarim is kind of a strange bird. Not communicate with the audience, 
almost did not move but angelic voice gives every character comfort and blessing to the soul.

The two singers also performed two songs together, as the strongest of which was "ma omrot eynaich", 
the familiar tune of Ofarim could get the crowd quiet restrained.

The second part of the show access Noa its best hits, including "Autumn Wind", "Police Song", "Lullaby" and of course "O Bride 'and' light. One of the highlights of the show was a theatrical performance / virtuosic songs Noa's "Lion in the chicken" and "zcrih Gedalia and Miriam "won huge applause from the audience and all. However, despite this sense of distance is broadcast Noa who really do not flirt with the audience. She just showed up, sang unparalleled and makes it wonderful.

Noa did not spare Vadrnim and sang the "light" as she taps on Hkongas with lots of humor, "Life Is Beautiful" and amazing processing L"hio Nights ". Accompaniment of the Haifa Symphony Orchestra gave the show depth and breadth of the tree all the processing and Gil Dor shows made a magical and exciting work. Tonight (Wednesday) is expected to show more of these two wonderful singers. Recommended that each heat to run and enjoy. 

Info before the concert:

Rough English translation of
Hebrew original:

Public act of J: Noa and Esther Ofarim
Gimmel system
Instance with the Haifa Symphony Orchestra
Tuesday August 2, at: 21:00, Cole's third network Israel will live the new instance of Noa, the Mann Auditorium in Tel Aviv, a special guest: Esther Ofarim.
Following the publication of classics album -''Country,''and the success of song performances in Israel, Noa, together with musical partner Gil Dor, will return to the stage she is so fond of - the stage of the Mann Auditorium in Tel Aviv.
Eight years have passed since the last appearance at the Hall, 
and there is a great way to go back more than a symphony orchestra and a guest is so important.
For the first time in her extensive career, hosting a very special guest Noa she loves and cherishes her childhood and influenced greatly - 
Esther Ofarim. This is the first summit meeting of the two, which should be an extraordinary event for lovers of the Israeli singer.
Noa will show the new album songs, including 'There Somewhere', 'worry', 'flute', 'Hayu Leilot',' singer Mfohit', 
'Autumn Wind', 'Police song,' Lullaby 'and other . Noa also sing a selection of big hits and favorites.
The band responsible for processing tree shows and Gil Dor. 
Pedigree also proves the band wins the night of the show.
Producer: Avraham Yanai
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