June 13, 2021:

Happy Birthday, Esther!

>> My tribute to 80 years of fame:



>> Radio shows:

Austria: Little interview of the 70s with Esther and a live concert from 2005
listen to it here!

Israel: Two hours with interesting interviews and many of her songs
listen to it here!

Israel: Esther's best songs in Hebrew
listen to it here!

אסתר עופרים

Germany: Special about Esther at Radio700 on June 14th, 19:00h
live stream here!

Germany: Bremen Eins: four minutes about her life
listen to it here!

Germany: SWR4: short biography
listen to it here!

Germany: Hommage in Freies Radio Kassel

repeating was on June 13th, 11 am,

Hommage - Freies Radio Kassel

listen to the podcast here!


>> Articles of the press:

Maariv (original Hebrew) English translation German translation




Esther Ofarim - article (c) Echo der Frau
Echo der Frau 24/2021


Esther Ofarim - article (c) Meine Freizeit
Meine Freizeit 05/2021